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The Best Mobile + Desktop Event Experience.

CardStak is a platform focused on getting people acquainted. This makes it ideal for groups of people who want to get to know one-another and communicate. Our platform uses the latest technologies to allow real-time messaging and allows users to create channels for group discussions. It's a great way to become more familiar with the people you've met and the ones you didn’t for a particular engagement or event.


LinkedIn Integration

create your card with just one click

  • • Easiest way to create your card
  • • Save time and don't re-enter your information
  • • Customize your card for each stak


layout fully optimized for mobile

  • • Sell all attendees on your phone
  • • Send messages and view all channels with your phone


multi-channel real-time messaging

  • • Create your own private channels
  • • Notification via email when user offline
  • • Send hellos to people you find interesting

Filtering & Search

filter by roles

  • • Create roles to help attendees find people they should be talking to
  • • Color codes indicate attendee roles
  • • Filter by role with only one click



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How It Works

Anyone can create a stak and any stak created has a unique code, and this code is embedded in the URL. For instance, a stak could have the following URL The last piece 9cPOrV4VKx, is the stak code.

Anyone who you share the URL (with the embedded code) with, will be able to see the stak and the user profiles. Those who do not have the URL will not be able to see the stak. There is no public listing of staks created. To add your card for a specific stak (or to create an stak) you will need to Login.